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Novelty Linens and Custom Draperies in New York, New York

Choose from an excellent selection of linens and draperies when you do business with Gray Lines Linen. Our selection is always being updated, so be sure to contact us to learn more about the latest linen items in our inventory.

Solid Linens

At Gray Lines Linen, we offer 5 different types of solid linens: Handkerchief linens, Warsa linens, Barry linens, Judy linens, and Yarn Dye linens. The width of each linen is 58/60". Due to the natural characteristics of linens, colors are subject to variations. 

Handkerchief Linen

Handkerchief linen is our most popular variety of solid linen. These lines are priced at just $14.99 per yard (the wholesale price is $14.35). Handkerchief linens are available in 43 different colors.

Drapery and Upholstery Linens

We offer 3 different types of drapery and upholstery linens: open weave linens, home furnishing linens, and HN/HT linens. These linens measure 58/60" and would make great materials for tablecloths and draperies.

Novelty Linens

At Gray Lines Linen, we offer striped linens, plaid linens, print linens, and a wide variety of other novelty linens that have their own unique style. These light to medium linens are perfect for tablecloths, napkins, and draperies.

Tablecloth, Novelty Linens and Custom Draperies in New York, NY

Add some extra style and elegance to your upholstery project with the novelty linens and custom draperies from Gray Lines Linen in New York, New York.